C Chanter/D Drones Tunes

May 5th, 2013

Here's a comprehensive list of pipe-feasible tunes from Francis O'Neill's "Music of Ireland" that are in the keys of E minor, A major, A minor, and various modes on E and A. As such, they're eligible candidates for the technique of combining a C chanter with D drones (or Bb chanter with C drones).

I. Airs

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

28     O'Connell's Lamentation            a min.
58     The Parting Glass                  a Mixolydian
76     The Widow's Daughter               e min.
84     The Brink of the White Rocks       e min.
87     For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name  e min.
156    The Widowed Bride                  e min.
169    As I Roved Out                     A maj.
216    The Alewoman                       e min.
243    The Fairy Boy                      A maj.
260    The Boyne Water                    e min. & A maj.
266    The Old Blind Bard                 e min.
269    Burn's Farewell                    a min.
270    The Church of Dromore              a min.
290    Green Shady Bowers                 A maj.
319    One Wife is Enough For Me          a min.
332    Forget Not the Angels              e min.

333    Lough Sheeling                     e min.
347    The Road to Hollyhill              A Mixolydian
348    The Weary Maid                     a Dorian
371    Let Other Men Praise               A Mixolydian
378    There's an End to My Sorrow        a min.
396    Curse the Laws That Gave Me Cause  a min.
397    America Lies Far Away              a Dorian
468    Johnny Fill Up the Bowl (When      a min.
Johnny Comes Marching Home)
492    The Lovers' Discourse              a min.
580    Bandon Bridge                      a min.
592    Have You Seen My Valentine?        e min.

II. O'Carolan's Tunes

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------
628    Young Catherine                    a min.
653    Dermot O'Dowd                      a Dorian
676    Planxty Nancy Vernon               A maj.
697    Planxty Madam Crofton              e min.
700    O'Carolan's Farewell to Music      a min.

III. Double Jigs

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

729    Contentment is Wealth              a min.
735    The Basket of Turf                 e min.
738    The Merry Old Maid                 e min.
756    The Templehouse Jig                e min.
765    The Miller of Glanmire             a min.
787    Dan Rogers' Jig                    e min.
858    Lannigan's Ball                    e min.
859    Hide and Go Seek                   e min.
913    Humors of Castle Comer             e min.
919    The New Cloak                      e min.
940    The Humors of Passage              e min.
970    The Unfortunate Rake               e min.
993    Lock the Door                      e min.
1000   The Old Grey Goose                 e min.

1033   The Monaghan Jig                   e min.
1084   Sweet Biddy Daly                   A maj.
1104   Come in From the Rain              e min.
1111 Apples in Winter e min.

IV. Slip Jigs

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

1152   Reaping the Rye                    e min.
1162   The Hills of Ireland               e min.
1164   Dublin Streets                     e min.
1173   Johnny O'Shea                      e min.
1174   A Fig For a Kiss                   e min.

V. Reels

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

1217   The Youngest Daughter              e min.
1230   The Templehouse                    e min.
1245   Peggy on the Settle                e min.
1264   The Ships Are Sailing              e min.
1267   The Merry Sisters                  e min.
1290   Cunningham's Fancy                 a Dorian
1296   Jim Kennedy's Favorite             e min.
1298   Lovely Molly                       e min.
1310   The Fermoy Lasses                  e min. / G maj.
1316   The Reel of Mullinavant            e min.
1324   Miss Brady                         e min.
1339   The Merry Harriers (vers. 2)       e min.
1340   Pat Tuohy's Reel                   e min.
1345   The Old Grey Gander                a Dorian
1349   The Star of Kilkenny               G maj. / e min.

1352   Tie the Ribbons                    e min.
1360   The Man With the Money             e min.
1398   The Man of the House               e min.
1399   The Pretty Blue Seagull            e min.
1406   The Pigeon on the Gate             a Dorian
1414   O'Reilly's Fancy                   e min.
1423   Considine's Grove                  e min.
1427   The Humors of Ballinacarrig        e min.
1442   Around the World for Sport         e min.
1470   The Humors of Schull               a Dorian
1504   The Smoky House                    a Dorian
1505   The New Potatoes                   e min.
1519   The Piper's Son                    e min.
1523   The Field of Oats                  e min.

VI. Hornpipes

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

1657   The Piper's Despair                e min.
1734   The Cuckoo's Nest                  e min.

VII. Marches & Miscellany

Number Title                              Key
------ ---------------------------------- -----------

1842   With Biddy By My Side              e min.


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